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Hey Jihyo

It's been exactly one year since Coirnav opened and EC was born. And on the anniversary of the server/guild we wrap up PoP - it has been a great journey so far and we're glad to have so many people on board for the ride from different cultures and countries across the world. Not only members from Asia but also those from Europe and North America. Special thanks to those who have helped build the guild to where it is today, both officers and members alike.

Well done everyone!

Darkhayn PER PEr per
Myhong SUPER!

Here we go

Kakashi Kenpachi a posted Feb 26, 19

Finally some long awaited storm-tastic content. Since the opening we've been taking it a bit easy with a week off to grind, explore the zones and "enjoy" keying. Soon after we wasted no time in catching up. Next stop will be the gods.

We took our time with this one, made sure folks had enough time to get their shards done. In the end we had a nice 4 hour clear to AHR:

Job well done to chalk off the expansion and farm for another 2 months before PoP.

Solidsnek Steamrollin!

Man on the Moon

Kakashi Kenpachi a posted Dec 2, 18

<insert Jim Carrey reference here>

Well it's been a great first week - we acheived the targets we set out to kill during the 3 official raid nights we have (thursday, sunday and monday). Throw in a couple bonus emp key farm nights and we get...

A dead snake. Well, more than one actually.

Oh and this guy got pummeled too

Onwards to vex thal (cringe shard farming)

Megaddar What a lovely room of death!

We backbenched vulak in lieu of ST keys for the first few weeks (which paid off - Hi TFC). So we eventually got around to vyemm (took 2 tries only) and now vulak is dead which completes the expansion. We have around 6 weeks of farming before luclin so plenty more to look forward to. GJ all.

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